Planned Programs

Feeding our homeless veterans is our core program. We provide 7 days worth of non perishable food every Saturday and a home cooked meal for each veteran. 

Equine Therapy. 5 residents are responsible for the care of one horse. During the time they are working with the horse, a counselor is there talking with them. Daily rides with free talk. This allows the veterans to open up and not feel judged or analyzed.

Operation "PIK ME UP"

We will travel anytime, anywhere (24/7/365) we are needed to help a veteran and bring them to the ranch. Pending  opening the facility. 

Call Us: +1.9515523868

Active programs

Shared living will be provided as part of the program.  2-4 people to a large room. Not only does this allow us to help more veterans, it also creates a feeling of family. 

K-9 program helps veterans connect not only to a dog of their own, it helps them to feel again. Unconditional love is a powerful feeling. We will save the dogs from high kill shelters.

Daily group meetings to help with addiction. This is a 12-step open format. 

​We need your help to make all this possible. Make a donation today. 

Helping our veterans reunite with their families. During family day, residents will be able to relax and enjoy their parents,siblings, children, grandchildren and even life long friends. Many activities can be on these days.

ARE Vets

Working farm facilities. Growing our own crops allows the ability to feed more people for a longer period of time then if we had to buy food. Live stock is also part of the program. 

3 meals daily spent together. This helps our veterans feel connected and helps to overcome social anxiety. A balanced meal helps the body and mind.